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Andrés, a versatile freelance SFX editor and sound designer based in Mexico, holds a Bachelor's in Audio Engineering and Music Production from the Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM). His journey began with diverse experiences in sound disciplines, spanning music production, location sound mixing, and film scoring. By mid-2020, Andrés transitioned into the realm of freelance sound design for both motion pictures and video games.

His portfolio boasts significant accomplishments, such as contributing to major projects like Kena: Bridge of Spirits (a game produced by Ember Lab and released by Sony PlayStation in November 2021). Notably, he collaborated with Austin Wintory, an award-winning video game composer, on a Netflix series, showcasing his skills as a sample editor. Furthermore, Andrés assumed roles as the lead sound designer and re-recording mixer for an animated storytelling YouTube channel that rapidly amassed an extensive audience, reaching 5.5 million followers and accumulating over 1 billion views. Additionally, he lent his sound design expertise to a podcast steadily cultivating a dedicated fan base.

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